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What is
Fun Run Box?

Every month we craft running challenges, curate running products, and ship them directly to your door. We are more than just a monthly subscription box though, we challenge you to complete the challenges each month as part of our series and work your way to the finisher kit. Finishers get a long sleeve finisher shirt and medal!

Get the training shirt when you sign up and then work your way to the series finisher medal and shirt

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Sign up in just a few clicks and you'll be on your way to start the series

Keeps you motivated

Monthly challenges will get beginner to seasoned runners out running!

Get cool swag!

Each month we'll send you a box of swag to keep you inspired and motivated!

Be a healthier you

Complete the series and you'll not only get a finishers shirt, medal and completion certificate to show off your hard work, but you'll be a healthier you!

What's inside the box?

If you'd rather SEE what we've featured in some of our past boxes then look at what's inside past boxes first!

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When you sign up, your first box is an amazing welcome kit stuffed with an official Fun Run Box tech training shirt, FRB cinch sak to tote around your essentials, a FuelBelt hand held water bottle, hydration powder and a bar to keep you fueled. Most importantly your box will contain your VERY FIRST CHALLENGE! Fun Run Box is not just another runner snack box, we challenge you to push your limits! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we want you to use the challenge cards every month to push your self to run a little farther, run a little harder, or simply try something new.

Each subsequent month a new box is sent to you with a monthly fun running themed challenge, a unique challenge complete magnet (collect them all!) and 4 - 6 running products (may include gear and/or snacks).

The 6th monthly box is the awesome series finisher kit that includes the Fun Run Box long sleeve technical finisher shirt, finisher medal, and a snack to enjoy. The following month, a new 6 month series starts the fun all over!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers!

A series is a 6 months long, you don't have to participate for 6 months, but in order to get the finishers medal and shirt, you must participate for at least 6 months.
Yes! In most cases, the challenges can be worked into your regular running routine and will simply add variety and fun to your training!
The training kit comes with an official Fun Run Box tech training shirt, FRB cinch sak to tote around your essentials, a FuelBelt hand held water bottle, hydration powder and a bar to keep you fueled. Most importantly your box will contain your VERY FIRST CHALLENGE! *The training kit is different than the normal month to month box which is the same for everyone.
The finisher's kit will include a special challenge for you to complete, a series finisher medal, a completion certificate, a long sleeve FRB tech shirt and a snack to enjoy!
No problem! Log into your account, you can push out your next renewal date.
Yes! Fun Run Box is walker friendly! Choose the beginner option when you subscribe. When you attempt the challenges, you can walk, run or do a combination. The mileage suggested will accomodate runners or walkers.
When the series is finished, you will automatically be renewed for the next series unless you cancel. If you decide to continue, you will receive a new training shirt with a new themed design, new challenges & goodies throughout and finish with a new finishers medal and shirt.
Each box will contain challenges with options for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners. We recommend that you attempt the challenge appropriate to your level. While we highly encourage everyone to challenge themselves, we will not be tracking your progress, we leave that up to you. You will still receive you finishers box even if you can't complete the challenges.
See the sizing guidelines here . Please note that this sizing chart is for the training shirt only. Some boxes may include apparel from different manufacturers, we do our best to provide you with the optimal size.
For U.S. customers, we PAY YOUR SHIPPING! For Canadian customers, we now able to provide shipping for only $6/month!!! Previously shipping was calculated using USPS rates based on the box size and weight. We are now using alternative packaging for Canadian orders which will keep the shipping costs super low!!!
We are a challenge box, not a snack box. We do try to include a 4-6 items in each box, which may include a snack, a piece of running gear (we've recently sent out SpiBelt, arm warmers, RollerBall for example), accessories (Shoe Lite, FuelBelt arm reflector), skin care (Ursa Major), wipes, and more plus a snack two in each box, If you're looking for a balanced monthly box that delivers motivation, inspiration and some running swag, if you're looking for a challenge to work towards each month, and if you're looking for a longer term goal of working towards earning our finisher kit, then this is the right box for you!
Yes! What a great holiday gift it would make!
Subscriptions start at $32.00 per month when you select a yearly subscription. Shorter subscriptions are available as well.
We ship out boxes the last week of the month. Generally, if you've ordered within 10 days of then end of the month, you should expect to get your box by then end of the month or early start of the next month. If you order after the 18th, then your box will be shipped the next month.
We ship out boxes the last week of the month. If you need to get it there by a specific date, email us ( and we will do our best to get it there on time!
You can cancel at anytime. We will fulfill the remaining shipments on your order and then your subscription will not renew and you will not be rebilled. We DO NOT issue refunds automatically, if you subscribe and then change your mind, you need to email and specify REFUND in the subject line within 48 hours of ordering.

A little about Fun Run Box…

Fun Run Box was started when two runners (one avid, one reluctant), realized that there was something missing in their running lives. They signed up for races, they participated in fun runs; but they wanted a regular challenge without having to drive out to a remote location to get it. They wanted awesome training shirts and running swag that would motivate them, provide that extra purpose. Most of all, they wanted something fun that could keep them moving and excited to run!! Fun Run Box was born!

Meet our team


Co-founder, avid climber and hiker, reluctant runner


Co-founder, lover of running, sometimes cyclist

Soffee the dog

Short distance runner, long distance hiker, sun-worshipper and anti-snuggler

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