10k Race Day Tips

The 10K is a tricky distance. It’s twice as long as a 5K, but still “short” enough that you’re supposed to run fast. The average person finishes a 10K between 50-70 minutes, which means you’re right at the cusp of deciding whether or not you want to take hydration and carry your energy gels. Here are some tips on how to make your next race your best yet.

Lay everything out the night before. This tip is good for every and any race. No matter how many you’ve already finished, laying your stuff out the night before will set your mind at ease and make your morning go much smoother.

Eat a little something before the race. While you should try to eat something before a 5K, too. Even peanut butter on toast will give you a little fuel for a longer race.

Be sure to warm-up. Go for a 10-15 minute warm-up run before your race so that when the gun goes off, you’re ready to go at your top speed.

Break it into two 5Ks. A good strategy is to run the second 5K faster than your first 5K. Breaking up the race can also make the race seem more manageable if you are intimidated by the distance.

Bring your gels and hydration if you think you’ll need it. Most races have plenty of hydration and refuel options at the aid stations, but in a longer race, you may want to bring a little extra.

Cooldown after. Don’t stop and get in your car immediately after the race. Walk around a bit and stretch if you want to, and you’ll feel much better the next day.

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