Who are stability running shoes for?

If you’ve ever looked for a pair of running shoes (and if you’re here, chances are high that you have), you might have noticed that there is a group of shoes listed as “stability.” But what does that mean? How do you know if you need these specialized shoes?

Stability shoes (instead of neutral shoes) are for runners who overpronate or supinate (under pronate). If you pronate, it means that your foot turns in when it lands. If you supinate, your foot turns out when it lands. If you look at the bottom of your current running shoe and see that one side is worn more than the other, you can guess what your foot might do. You can also go to a running store and get a gait analysis and they will help you figure it out and suggest some shoes to try.

If your foot isn’t landing evenly, it can cause a whole bunch of problems, so a stability shoe helps even out your gait. If you need a heavier stability shoe, look for styles labeled motion control. These typically have a stiffer heel or have a stiffer stability component.

If you need less stability, you can try a neutral shoe and add an insole. Either way, your best bet it to talk to a professional and get fitted (at least the first time!).

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