Where can I find a running buddy or running group?

While some of us really enjoy running alone, many people prefer to run with a buddy or group. Even if it’s just every once in a while, running with one or more people can help you fine-tune (or push) your pace, help the miles go by faster, and keep you accountable. Luckily, there are several places where you can find a running buddy.

  1. Local Running Store. Most, if not all, offer group runs at least once a week. Sometimes they offer gear discounts for the run club or have local races/companies sponsor the run and giveaway some good swag! 
  1. Local Running Club. Search by state on RRCA.org to find a list of all the RRCA-affiliated running clubs in your state, or search RunningintheUSA.com by state. Another good way to find a local running group is to google your city name + “run group.”
  1. Local Gym. Sometimes local gyms will organize training groups if there is a big annual race in the area.
  1. Facebook Groups. Try searching Facebook for running groups near you, or join a national running group and ask if anyone is in your area!
  1. Training team. There is often a fee to join a group like this because they are led by a coach who organizes workouts or will give you training tips along the way.


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