5 Ways to Improve Your 5K Speed in 2019

Maybe you’ve just finished your first 5K or maybe you’re a veteran looking to improve her PR (personal record), but either way you’re ready to set some goals and get a faster 5K time. Here are four simple tips will have you knocking out that PR in no time!


Hill repeats have been proven to strengthen your legs and improve your cardio stamina and your cadence or leg turnover - all important aspects of running faster.


To run fast, you have to, well, run fast. Add in a few strides or incorporate speed intervals to a longer workout or go for a good ol’ track workout. Join the Fun Run Boxers Facebook group to learn more about the speed intervals we incorporate into out challenges. 


This means getting in some muscle-specific exercises, whether you hit the gym or workout at home. We don’t just mean your legs, though - don’t forget your glutes, core, and lower back. Try the core workout from the Fun Run Box 5k Challenge.


Knowledge it power. If you know the route, you'll have some insight into how to approach it. If you can’t go run the route, at least look at the course map. Where can you cut corners (literally - stay on the inside of turns whenever possible)? Is there a hill you should know about? Consider choosing a route that is PR-friendly: no hills or mostly downhill, flat, etc. You don’t want any surprises that might slow you down or throw you off your game.



You'll be amazed at how much faster you can run with some friendly rivalry. Get a friend who is a little faster than you to run 5k's together. Seeing them just ahead of you will get those competitive juices flowing and you just might surprise yourself.

Remember, running a 5k is hard and it is going to hurt, but when it's over, you'll forget all about the pain and remember the amazing feeling you had crushing your PR! So, when race day comes, stay calm and give it all you got and go get that PR! Good luck!

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