Are All Runners Crazy....

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to find new and different ways to entertain myself during the Covid 19 pandemic. I’ve been lucky enough to work from home, and healthy enough to keep up my string of running every day since the quarantine around the pandemic. 

The string of running every day has led some people I know to tell me I’m crazy, and my first retort is “I’m a runner, it’s part of the job description” which made me think aren’t all of us runners a bit out there. 

Before I started down the path of becoming a runner, I would never have thought I’d do some of the following things: 

  • Spend time thinking of all the possible parts of my body that might chafe during a long run
  • Think “I’ll run during that rainstorm, as long as there is no lightning” and then when it starts lightning rationalizing it’s X miles away and behind me so I’ll be okay
  • Or actually believe stopping on the trail to poop because you’re miles from civilization is the thought of a normal person 

Be honest, you have probably had some of these same thoughts or others that are similarly outside the norm. 

So, I went on a journey of looking at all the things that make us runners just a bit crazy and have compiled some hilarious content I think you’ll appreciate. 

In addition, there is a link to some interesting podcasts and books you will enjoy as a runner; if you haven’t read “Born to Run” or “Once a Runner”, I highly recommend them. 

So, while you’re quarantined take a break and enjoy.




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Rich Flaherty is a middle of the pack runner and triathlete, whose only real claim to fame is his daughter Bekah Brooks qualified for the Boston Marathon in her first marathon.

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