Whole30 Taco Tuesday Without Processed Carbs? Sweet Potato!

Sweet Potato Taco Bowls: Yumm!

In this recipe, sweet potato takes the place of dairy and tortilla in Taco Tuesday. I microwave the s.p. in plastic wrap for 5 minutes until soft, peel, and mash one on the bottom of my bowl. 


Then I add the taco seasoned turkey meat:


Followed by as many fixins' as I can fit on top, as long as they are compliant, (no processed carb, no sugar, no dairy).



    • Whole Sweet Potato
    • Ground Turkey
    • Black beans (optional)
    • Avocado - sliced
    • Salsa (sugar free)
    • olives 
    • jalapeño

  • chili powder
  • tumeric
  • sea salt
  • paprika
  • onion powder

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