Charge and Glow Theme Box - SOLD OUT

Fun Run Box


This challenge box will charge up you and your next 5k! This box includes Safety Skin Reflective Spread to keep you visible in low light conditions, an iEmergency charger which is perfect for running the Ragnar Relay or while out training for your next marathon. It is small and attaches to the back of your iPhone or Android, you won't even know its there but your phone will breathe new life. W.O.D.Welder wipes will get you clean, keep them in your relay van or your car for after a long run. KrampKrushers will do just that, keep the cramps away which is a big deal during summer running. Chocolate Java Huppy Bar and PopCorners, need we say more? To top it off, we've included a challenge that will get some speed back in your legs...maybe for your next 5k or to impress your friends on the next leg of your relay :D.
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