FitrFoam Massage Roller

FitrFoam Massage Roller

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The Fitness Roller, Reimagined

The FitrFoam has changed fitness rolling forever; featuring all the traditional benefits of foam rolling amplified by three powerful speeds of vibration, the FitrFoam is strong, sleek, and durable. It provides advanced vibration therapy to the muscles with quick bursts of pressure, providing a deep massage to your tissues while improving the flow of oxygen and speeding up the muscle recovery process. Simply place this device on the floor or up against a wall, adjust your intensity level, and roll your way to better fitness.

Key Features:

  • Faster Recovery: Foam rolling after your workout increases flexibility, mobility, pliability, circulation, and reduces muscle soreness to help you recover quicker and get back to the gym. Combined with vibration therapy, you get the best recovery possible.
  • Anyone Can Use It: Used by professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those just beginning their fitness and wellness journey, the FitrFoam is an essential piece of workout equipment.
  • Powerful, Inside and Out: The FitrFoam contains a high intensity vibrating core, designed to pinpoint specific muscle groups, stimulate blood flow and relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Choose From 3 Vibration Levels: Switch between low and high intensity massaging levels to help relieve sore muscles and give you a relaxing, comforting massage.