What is the "runners high"?

No matter how long you’ve been running, chances are you’ve heard of the “Runner’s High.” But what is it, exactly?

Where can I find a running buddy or running group?

While some of us really enjoy running alone, many people prefer to run with a buddy or group. Even if it’s just every once in a while, running with one or more people can help you fine-tune (or push) your pace, help the miles go by faster, and keep you accountable. Luckily, there are several places where you can find a running buddy.

9 Ways to learn to love running

9 Ways to learn to love running

While some of us are already hooked on running, I know there are people out there who genuinely want to try, but are intimidated. Or have just started running, but don’t really get the “runner’s high” that everyone talks about. Don’t worry – we have put together a great list of ways you can discover how to learn to love running and make it part of your lifestyle!

1. Start slow.

It might seem really hard right now, but I promise you that it gets easier (and then you step it up and it gets hard again, but...