A challenge and a contest/giveaway every month; hover or click on the challenge card to get the details.

Making It A Habit

Geared to start your running experience, the goal here is to get and stay active throughout the month.

I Love Running Challenge

Resolution Challenge

Turkey Trot Challenge

Long Slow Distance Challenge

September Steps Challenge

SummerSizzler 2023

Strong As A FunRunBoxer Challenge

Run A Race Challenge

Run Diary Challenge

Cross Training Bingo

Spring Fling 2023

2nd Annual Happy Holiday Challenge

It's our 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Challenge; this one is simple, just post your runs daily during the month of December and each day we'll have a winner. Winners will receive a special present from our Online Store. 31 WINNERS...Yay!!

30 X 30 Challenge

November's challenge is meant to build consistency, but staying active all 30 days. Run, bike, walk or hike for at least 30 minutes per day and post on our FunRunBoxers Facebook page. Qualify to win a $200 gift card from one of our Running Gear Partners.

Oktoberfest 2022

Time to get on the road to Munich; this month, it's all about the miles. You'll get an entry every 25 miles, and can win one of 3 gift cards totaling $175.

Step It Up Challenge

It's all about steps this month; run, walk and hike your way to the top of the list. Qualify for one of three (3) gift cards totaling $150.

Summer Sizzler (Front)

Our August Challenge is to record a race time; either a 5K or 10K. This race can be in person, virtual, or just your own personal race. Record the date and time, post it on our FunRunBoxers Facebook group page (join if you haven't already) and qualify for a $100 gift card from one of our running partners.

Strength Training Challenge

Cross Training Bingo

Run A Race Challenge

Spring Fling 2022 Challenge

Our first Virtual Race of 2022, and our 3rd annual SpringFling race had our members selecting their own race destinations as they passed 25, 50, 75 and 100 miles for the month. A single winner was awarded a $200 gift card from one of our Running Partners and the person with the most unique destination was awarded a $100 gift card.

March Miles Challenge

Our March Miles Challenge helped our members build their aerobic base by challenging them to hit 100 plus miles for the month; the award to a single winner was a $250 gift card from one of our Running Partners.

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Our 3rd Annual Valentine Scavenger Hunt Challenge kept our members on their toes, searching out Valentine related items while they were running. We awarded four (4) $25 gift cards and one (1) $100 gift card to our participating members.

Cheers and Resolution Challenge

Our Cheers and Resolution Challenge helps our members get in that running frame of mind for 2022, by challenging them to run for at least 20 minutes every day. By participating, our members qualify from one of four (4) $50 gift cards from our running partners.

Happy Holidays Challenge

Our Happy Holidays Challenge allowed our members to participate on our FunRunBoxers Facebook group, and qualify to win one of 31 Daily Giveaways. It was our end of the year way to say thanks to our great members.

Thankful Challenge

The Thankful Challenge allows our members to share what they are thankful for this year; after every 20 miles, simply post what you are thankful for on the FunRunBoxers Facebook Group page and qualify for one of four (4) $100 gift cards. At FunRunBox, we are thankful for you!!

Oktoberfest 2021

Get your miles in, build your aerobic base and gather some pumpkins. The more pumpkins you gather, the more chances to win. This month's giveaway includes over $500 worth of goodies, including gift cards; a vibrating massage ball; a vibrating foam roller; and a FitrGear Pro massage gun. Enjoy!!

September Step It Up Challenge

That's right, it's all about being active and on your feet this month; who can get the most steps this month? The more steps, the more entries into this month's $300 Gift Card giveaway. So, get moving!!

Strong As A FunRunBoxer

Add strength training to your calendar, and qualify for one of 4 gift cards (two $25 gift cards, a $50 gift card and a $100 gift card). Check out our strength training blog at


Get the temp up to 100!! Every mile moves the thermometer up a degree, and you qualify for a gift card starting at 25 miles. Earn one of the gift cards, totally $250.

Cross Training Challenge

Engage in some form of cross- training throughout the month; hit 12 cross-training sessions and qualify for 4 gift cards totalling $200

Long Slow Distance Challenge

Run at least 4 long runs during the month, totalling 20 - 30% of total mileage and qualify for one of 2 $50 gift cards; grand prize was a $150 massage gun.

EveryDay Challenge

Do something to get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes EVERY day during the month, and qualify for one of 4 $50 gift cards.

SpringFling Challenge

Our first virtual race of 2021, challenging you to get your mileage up this month. Visit a destination every 25 miles, and qualify for a gift card (over $250 in gift cards).

Scavenger Hunt

Our Annual Scavenger Hunt, keep an eye out during your run and take a pic of up to 20 items; share socially, and qualify for a $200 Runner's Warehouse gift card.

Resolution Run

Set your 2021 racing goals coming out of the pandemic; share them socially and in our FunRunBoxers virtual running group and qualify for $200 Runner's Warehouse gift card.

12 Runs of Christmas

Earn up to 25 points by completing 12 different types of runs, and qualify for a running gear giveaway (sunglasses, water bottle, technical running shirt, SPIbelt visor or noise cancelling earbuds).