Mantra Labs

One of the things we do is test these products before including them in our box, or promoting their discounts. I've used all of them, and can tell you they are awesome products. One in particular I think you'll like is the Mantra Labs Hydration

MANTRA Labs is a comprehensive suite of clean, great-tasting and biorhythm-matched products in a simple on-the-go system to fuel and optimize your body + mind all day, every day. We love these products because they are packed with all the best, premium and science-backed ingredients for each day part in a single product at a reasonable cost. 

They provide biorhythm-matched products for different portions of the day, each targeted for your body’s biorhythm at that specific part of the day.

RISE with an amazing health boost to start every day right. 

Get focused and power up with nootropics, oceanic electrolyte hydration, caffeine-free energy, immune boosting antioxidants and 100% RDA of key vitamins to help you perform better and feel fully alive. 

This comprehensive and science-backed formula has everything you need first thing to start your engine, give you focus and provide endurance for the day ahead. All delivered perfectly dosed and easily in a delicious cup of citrus coconut get-up-and-go.

GO strong all day with smooth energy, focus and no crash. 

Your pre-workout, mid-day boost and recovery superstar with clean energy (100mg natural caffeine from tea leaves), oceanic electrolyte hydration, recovery herbs and a vitamin boost help you feel great all day. Avoid the after lunch slump and burn out with nutrients that get you through the toughest part of your day. 

Mid-day is normally a nutrition wasteland – we now have you covered with the perfect chrono-nutrition you have been missing. Use for pre-workout, hydration, recovery or anytime you need some extra you.

REST and recover every night like never before to strengthen immunity, improve mood and support optimal health.

An expertly formulated master sleep combination including magnesium, melatonin, GABA, L-Theanine, and herbs help you relax, fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up rested and super-charged.

The perfect end to every day. A total rest and recharge combination of ingredients to calm your mind, and leave you well rested. Sleep is key to your mental health, physical health and immune system. Take some REST and feel the difference.

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