Past Boxes

Every box curated by runners; hover or click on the box images to see the details of what's included.

Training Kit

A technical running shirt, collapsible 550 ML water bottle, running sunglasses; some nutrition and hydration from Honey Stinger and Skratch and a drawstring backpack. Making it A Habit Challenge included.


Our summer virtual race; a shirt, a medal and a bib to go along with some hydration and nutrition items as well as 3 hat liners for that summer sweat. Get the temp to 100 in our challenge, and qualify for gift cards totalling $250.

Cross Training Month Box

An awesome running backpack and running belt to carry all your gear; Barrier4 blister protection and R&R Medicinals hemp extract for pain relief along with an energy gel from Accel. Cross Training Challenge and contest included.

Long Slow Distance Challenge Box

We've got you covered with a lightweight running hat, a mesh running visor and a cooling towel. BU Sunscreen and nutrition from ProBar and hydration from Liquid IV. Long Slow Distance Challenge and Contest included.

EveryDay Challenge Box

Keep care of yourself while you meet the Every Day Challenge. A massage roller and massage star will keep you from tightening up. Enjoy the hassle free lock laces and nutrion and hydration from Ultima Replenisher, CarboRocket and 2nd Surge from Accel. Every Day Challenge and Contest included.

Spring Fling Box

Our first virtual race of 2021, giving away over $250 worth of gift cards for those who made it to Rome (100 miles). A great technical shirt, race medal and bib with foot and lip balm from Morrocan Magic, a wellness test strip from Vivoo and nutrition from SaltStick, YumButter and Viter Energy.

Scavenger Hunt Box

You're seeing it right, this box included a noise cancelling pair of earbuds along with a running armband, NoSweat Visor liner and nutrition and hydration from Liquid IV, Caveman Foods, VFuel and BeetUms. Scavenger Hunt Contest included.

Resolution Run Box

One of my favorite boxes, gearing you up for the long, cold nights with an earwarming headband, running gloves and the SPIbelt LED visor (great for when the sun goes down at 5). Nutrition and hydration from VFuel, Bobo's, GU Energy and IQ Bar. Resolution Run Challenge and Contest included.

12 Runs of Christmas

A running hat and collapsible 550 ML water bottle anchor this box, with SPIbeams LED Reactors for those long winter night. ChafeZone anti-chafing balm and nutrition from PowerBar. 12 Runs of Christmas Challenge and Contest included.