Past Boxes

The Charge and Glow Challenge Box was designed to charge up you and your next 5k! This box included Safety Skin Reflective Spread for keeping you visible in low light conditions, an iEmergency charger, perfect for running keeping your phone charged on longer runs as it attached to the back of your iPhone or Android, so small, you can't even tell it's there. W.O.D.Welder wipes to get you clean, KrampKrushers to keep the cramps away, Chocolate Java Huppy Bar and PopCorners! To top it off, it included a challenge to get some speed back in your legs.

Running is My Super Power Box. Is running your super power? Tell the world with fun and challenging box, it came with the following.

  • Cute and comfy running tank with the "RUNNING is my SUPER POWER" slogan
  • 1 can of Boost oxygen to "boost" your workouts
  • Stylish Glossy Black and Red Ice / Red Sunset Polarized shades from Knockaround
  • SIS Go Isotonic Tropical gel
  • The monthly challenge
  • Motivating "RUNNING is my SUPER POWER" magnet.


The Rock'em Sock'em Challenge Box came with a pair of Zensah moisture wicking copper running socks to keep your feet dry, cool and comfy! A pair of FRESHeBuds wireless Bluetooth earbuds, these are lightweight, fit securely in your ear, are water-resistant and noise cancelling - the perfect running companion! In addition, fuel from Skratch Labs and First Order Protein bars. The monthly challenge was centered around running at different cadences and finding your natural by using music as an aid. Finally, the challenge magnet - collect them all!