Running Game

FRB Running Game

This month you'll be playing the FRB Running Game! Follow the instructions on the card and track the points you earn throughout the month.




Use the hashtag #FRBRunningGame, to have your pics included in the gallery below.

Share your workouts, brag about your points and challenge yourself with the FRB Running Game!




CORE WORKOUT - Descriptions and videos available HERE.



When you land on a square, do the workout specified. Three numbers separated by slashes (1 / 3 / 5) indicates the mileage for beginners, intermediates and advanced runners. 

TEMPO - Start with a short easy warm up jog before getting to tempo pace. Tempo pace should be the pace you could hold for an hour. If the square shows 1 / 3 / 5, then beginners would warm up, do tempo pace for 1 mile, then cool down. Intermediates do 3 tempo miles and advanced do 5.

REPEATS (hill, 800's, 1/4 mile, etc), you should always start with a short warm up jog and end with an easy cool down job.

XT - Cross training, cycling, elliptical, swimming or anything else that gets you moving are all fine.