Terribly Punny Challenge

February is the "Terribly Punny Challenge" where we've mixed terrible puns with Valentines, because, why not?

This month we are bringing back the Team Challenge! You'll find a team name on your challenge card, either #FRBTeamK (Team Koalafied) or #FRBTeamT (Team Toadally Awesome)!


Your Mission

Complete the 6 challenges on the card. You help your team out by posting a running related photo with the team hashtag as well as the #FunRunBox hashtag to Instagram, Twitter or the Fun Run Box Facebook page. You can post 1 photo per day as long as it is running related.

Winning team members who post at least 6 photos are eligible for prizes. The winning team is the team that posts the most photos meeting the guidelines.



Gift cards to the Fun Run Box shop will be awarded to all members of the winning team who posted at least 6 photos that met the requirements above. 



FRB Team Toadally Awesome

FRB Team Koalafied