What's New at FunRunBox

We're ramping things up here at FunRunBox.

What's new, you ask? Check it out...

Better Boxes

We've cut out the middleman in our purchasing process, allowing us to provide more value in your montly package of goodies and gear.

Upgraded Challenges

Not only will our monthly challenges keep you motivated, but we're now including contests and giveaways each month, valued at between $100 - 250.

Weekly Contests & Giveaways

Each week, on Meme Monday or Fitness Friday you can earn a chance at a $25 Gift Card from one of our Running Brand Partners simply by sharing a funny meme or posting your running fitness update.

Partner Discounts



We've partnered with over 50 running brands to provide exclusive discounts to our members from such brands as SPIbelt, Headsweats, Tailwind Nutrition, RockMyRun, Huma Gel, HoneyStinger, VFuel, SaltStick, SkratchLabs and more.

Exlusive Running Club



And, of course we continue to offer membership in our FunRunBoxers Running Club, where you can get and give motivation and support; share your challenges and successes; and receive exclusive content.

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